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What fragrance props are suitable for home

Mar 10,2022 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

With the continuous innovation of fragrance props, some people want to use them easily, while others consider the appearance and appearance. Different fragrance props, due to different design purposes, principles, and functions, and different environmental conditions, will also produce different fragrance diffusion efficiencies. The following are several common fragrance props on the market. You may wish to have a preliminary understanding of them before choosing the best props for your space.
Incense brick
Incense bricks, or aroma bricks, are usually made of wax, and about 2% of the essential oil is added to the wax to make it aroma; because the wax will slowly release the aroma of the essential oil, it can be used for a longer time. Some incense bricks will emphasize special shapes, and some will put dried flowers and fruits, all to increase the beauty. Some incense bricks can be cut with a thin layer on the surface after the taste has faded to improve the efficiency of aroma release.
Aroma Spray
Aromatic sprays use the principle of a pressure bottle to eject liquid or gas through squeezing. If essential oils are used in such products, the proportion is about 1% to 2%. Due to its lightweight, it is convenient to carry around, but the fragrance lasts for a short time. In addition to instantly increasing the aroma in the space, the aroma spray is also often used on sleep sprays to create olfactory memories with familiar scents and help fall asleep. It is very suitable for use when going abroad or traveling.
Some aroma sprays also have a deodorizing function, which is suitable for removing oily odors from clothes. This type of product uses Japanese technology to add water-soluble persimmon extract to the spray to allow water molecules to absorb and integrate odors. Similar to the principle of bamboo charcoal, it can be sprayed on clothing and fabrics to help eliminate odors such as oil smoke.
Fragrances and Fragrances
Fragrances and fragrant tablets are relatively low-priced fragrance products. There are usually two types of fragrances: water and plastic granules. The fragrance is gradually released by the use of fragrance-fixing materials and slow-release materials. Due to the low cost of fragrances and fragrant tablets, it is almost impossible to use pure essential oils. The source of the fragrance is usually the essence. Although the fragrance varies a lot, it is not recommended to inhale for a long time; and it is easy to volatilize and has a short use time, so it needs to be eliminated from time to time. Replacement consumables.
Gypsum is the basic material of diffuser stone. It directly absorbs essential oils through the capillary pores of the gypsum and emits aroma, which is similar to the wood diffuser. Through the mold, the plaster can be changed into a variety of shapes, and it is easy to use and does not need to be plugged in or ignited. Although the aroma of the diffuser stone is relatively mild, there are almost no safety concerns, and it is also a popular fragrance prop in recent years.
Diffuse Fragrant Bamboo
Diffuse bamboo, which has loyal users, uses the principle of a siphon to allow the bamboo branches to fully soak up the base, which contains about 15% of the essential oil. The concentration of aroma mainly depends on the penetration of the base and the number of bamboo branches, which can be increased or decreased according to personal preference. About 500ml of diffused bamboo can be used for 3 to 6 months, and the aroma will gradually fade, so it is necessary to turn or renew the bamboo branches from time to time.
Due to its rich smell and elegant shape, Diffuse Bamboo is a fragrance prop that also functions as a home decoration. Bamboo branches that have a weaker taste can also be placed in wardrobes and shoe cabinets to increase the aroma of the cabinets.

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