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What are the benefits of sachet aromatherapy

Dec 24,2021 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Sachet is also called sachet, flower sac, or purse. It is made of five-color silk thread. It is embroidered with colored silk threads to embroider various ancient, magical, broad, and profound patterns on the colored silk. It is sewn into small embroidered pouches of various shapes and sizes, which contain a variety of strong aromatic scents. The fine powder was developed by Chinese herbal medicine. The ancient sachets were used to refresh people, and they were also made with spices. Because their fragrance suits many people's preferences, they were gradually changed to pure spices.
Aroma Dried Flowers
The modern usage is to put it on the wardrobe for moth prevention because it can retain its fragrance, (aromatherapy) is also used to clear the room and keep the indoor air sufficient and fragrance. In addition, it is also widely used in household bedding, health pillows, health mattresses, craft fragrance sachets, couple sachet supplies, car pendant supplies, toys, and other craft supplies. Craft decoration, home decoration, life beauty, aromatherapy, bathing Products, and many other fields.
Dried flower sachet
The design of the sachets is generally exquisite and unique. The filling spices of the sachets are filled with essential oils and internal medicine filled with different materials such as plant flowers, perfume beads, silk floss, etc. The scent can also be selected according to your own preferences, decoration sachets, pendant sachets, and Occupying a strong market in the market, the material and appearance of the sachet are exquisitely designed, and the packaging is good-looking, and people like it very much. The size of the sachet can also be designed according to the size provided by the guest. The sachet lasts for a long time. It has the effects of repelling mosquitoes, preventing insects, removing odors, adding fragrance and removing odor, refreshing the air, relaxing the mood, relieving fatigue, and promoting and helping sleep.