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Is Febreze air freshener bad to spray around animals?

Jul 16,2021 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Thank you, Dayna Vierra, for your A2A: Is Febreze air freshener bad to spray around animals? Yes, Febreeze should be safe to use around cats, as long as it is used properly. Pets notes the following: “Danger If you're worried that Febreze isn't safe to use around cats, or dogs for that matter, you can relax. The ASPCA's toxicology team reports that the air freshener is free of danger, with no links between medical problems or fatalities in pets -- phew. Don't bother throwing out all of your Febreze products -- your fluffball is totally safe with them as long as you use them appropriately. Proper Use Although the deodorizer isn't toxic in any way to pets, it's always important to follow product instructions closely …” and fact checking site supports the claim, FACT CHECK: Febreze Pet Danger - refuting allegations that it is unsafe. Normally I write Quora articles about cats and prefer to write about cats. Feel free to click on my profile to see them and hopefully read some. Hopefully you will find articles that are helpful and enjoyable.Thank you for taking the time to read this. I try to answer questions I think I can effectively answer but may pass if I don’t know the answer, or if I have previously answered a very similar question, or someone else may have answered the question as well or better than I could, or the answer can be found easily by googling the topic. I hope you understand and are not offended if I don’t post an answer to your question(s).