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What is the use of aromatherapy in the bedroom

Oct 15,2021 / / Author: ShengKui

Since the reform and opening up, as people's material life has become increasingly prosperous and the quality of life has improved day by day, incense has become popular in many cities. Nowadays, the popular incense methods in some cities mainly include aromatherapy beauty, aromatherapy therapy, and daily home incense. The cost of this type of incense is generally more expensive, which is actually a kind of physical and mental enjoyment for people with middle income and above. So many people regard this habit of incense as another high-end imported product and a symbol of upstart.

What is the use of aromatherapy in the bedroom
1. Aromatherapy can improve environmental hygiene, eliminate peculiar smell, decompose second-hand smoke and purify the air.
2. Aromatherapy can enhance resistance, prevent diseases and reduce high blood pressure.
3. Aromatherapy can enhance physical strength and vital capacity, and promote metabolism.
4. Aromatherapy can improve respiratory tract, nasal allergy and asthma and other problems.
5. Aromatherapy can repel mosquitoes, kill mites and antibacterial.
6. Aromatherapy can balance hormones, activate cells and prevent aging.
7. Aromatherapy can refresh the brain and enhance memory.
8. Aromatherapy can soothe irritability, relieve stress, insomnia, headache, and make you feel happy.
What is the harm of aromatherapy?
1. Natural essential oils can fill the indoor air with a light taste, eliminate bacteria in the air, and eliminate indoor pests. From this point of view, it is still very good. But the aromatic hydrocarbons in essential oils are low-toxic, so if you incense indoors for a long time, the concentration of the aroma in the air is too high, it will be harmful to the human body, especially pregnant women.
2. Irregular aromatherapy is mostly chemically synthesized, and it is not made by using precious natural plants to extract spices like regular aromatherapy. Although the smell of such poor quality aromatherapy is very strong, it contains a lot of chemical toxins, so it can cause great harm to people, and even can cause cancer after long-term use.