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Method for making sachet bag

Apr 16,2021 / / Author: ShengKui

1. Sewing of sachet bag
①Choose pure cotton material to sew into a small cloth bag; ②Mix and cut the formula of medicinal materials and forage, and put it in the sachet; ③Stir evenly and tie the cloth bag tightly with a string.
2. Mosquito and insect repellent sachet  scented sachet bag
Ingredients: Mugwort, Angelica dahurica, calamus, mint, honeysuckle, ageratum, perilla leaves, cloves each 10 grams
Mosquitoes are rampant in summer and autumn. Children are very vulnerable to diseases after being bitten by mosquitoes because of their low immunity. Anti-mosquito drugs may irritate children. It is better to make a mosquito repellent and insect repellent sachet for children to wear.
The raw materials of this recipe can clear away heat and detoxify, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and contain volatile oil, which can inhibit and kill bacteria and viruses. Let children wear this sachet to prevent mosquitoes from approaching.
Three, dehumidification and disease prevention sachets
30g of raw moxa, 15g each of cork and osmanthus
Moxa is the finished product of wormwood after processing and crushing. It has the effect of strengthening Yang and dispelling dampness. Moxibustion is common among folks and can be used to treat rheumatism.
Phellodendron has a cold nature and a bitter taste, which can clear away heat and dehumidify, relieve fire and detoxify, reduce fever and remove steam.
Osmanthus fragrans can dispel cold and break knots, resolve phlegm and relieve cough, and can dispel rheumatism. The scent is strong and refreshing.