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Where to put scented candles

Apr 15,2022 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Kitchen and dining room: Putting scented candles can help regulate the smell. editors suggest that you can choose candles with delicious food-based flavors, such as thyme and basil leaves, or fresh apple, cucumber, pear, etc.
Living room: Putting scented candles can reflect the owner's taste. You can choose scented candles with different scents according to different scenes.
Toilet: Aromatherapy candles can clean the air. It is recommended to use fresh and refreshing woody or citrus scents to eliminate the odor left in the toilet.
Bedroom: Scented candles can easily create a romantic atmosphere. If you want to sleep well every day, you can also choose scented candles with scents such as vanilla, eucalyptus, or mint, which can relax and help you sleep.
Study: Using scented candles can refresh the mind, lift the spirits, and help get work done well.