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What is the method of making dried flowers

Nov 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

There are six methods for making dried flowers: air drying, embossing, desiccant, dried flower sachet, microwave oven drying, and quartz sand drying. The details are as follows:
Air-drying: Air-drying is the most common way to make dried flowers: choose a warm, clean, dry air, and well-ventilated room. The temperature of the air-drying environment cannot be lower than 12°C, and wait patiently for the flowers to lose moisture. The air-drying time varies with the change of indoor temperature. Generally, it can be air-dried in a warm space in three days. If the air is cold, it takes more than two months. Finally, look at the state of air-drying. If it feels crisp when touched, it proves that the air-drying is successful.
Embossing: Choose a flower with a small and flat pattern, place it on a cardboard or bottom plate, then put the flower on it, close it with the other side, and press a large heavy object on it, such as a dictionary stone, etc., After about a week, turn the flowers upside down and continue to hold them down. After another week, you can get dried flowers.
Desiccant: Place the flower in a sealed box, pour the desiccant on the flower, use your fingers to apply it evenly between the gaps of the flower and seal it. The desiccant will change color after it absorbs water. Always observe the dehydration of the flower. It turned into dried flowers after about a week.
Dried flower sachet: Air-dry the flowers to semi-dry, then put them in the oven and bake them at 60°C until they are completely dry, and then put them in the sachet to obtain the dried flower sachets.
Microwave oven drying: tie a bunch of flowers to be dried, wrap them in a larger newspaper, put them in a microwave oven, turn on a low heat and wait for about 30 seconds. Note that some berry flowers are drying. It is easy to burst when dry, so it needs to be air-dried in a cool place for 5 days in advance.
Quartz sand drying: Select the flowers that have just opened, cut off the weak branches and broken leaves on them, and then insert them into the vase, bury them with quartz sand. The leaves also need to be buried, and you can get the air-dried flowers after a week.