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What is the difference between essential oils and perfumes

Dec 03,2021 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

1. The first one is that essential oils are mainly natural plant aromatic essences, using advanced technologies such as nano microcapsules and essential oil compounding, which do not contain methanol, while ordinary perfumes contain methanol. The harmfulness of methanol is very similar to that of formaldehyde. Pay special attention.
2. The remaining fragrance time is also different. The fragrance retention time of essential oils is more than ten times that of ordinary perfumes. Drop them on the same white paper for a volatilization test. The fragrance dries quickly. In addition, the essential oils have skincare and emollient properties. , And the effect of moisturizing and whitening, and is particularly obvious.
3. In addition, the essential oils are very skin-friendly, which avoids the problem of skin allergies.
If a friend with sensitive skin sprays perfume on the inside of the arm, the skin will be obviously red, and the essential oils will have no signs of allergies. In addition, the essential oils are non-flammable and contain no surfactants, which avoids the dangers of ordinary perfumes.
Main characteristics of essential oils
1. No fragrance-does mean no fragrance, only the original flavor of natural essential oils or natural plant extracts is used instead of artificial synthetic fragrances. Therefore, it is pure, mild, pleasantly aromatic, has the effect of aromatherapy, and does not irritate the skin.
2. Does not contain chemical pigments-does not mean that there is no color, but replaces the original color with natural plants or biochemical extracts.
3. No preservatives-natural Va, Ve, wheat germ oil, carrot oil are used as antioxidants to prevent product spoilage.
4. Does not contain mineral oil-use vegetable breathable grease or non-greasy breathable grease instead of excessively greasy mineral oil and wool oil. After use, it is moisturized and absorbed quickly.
5. No chemical ingredients that cause allergies-completely free of artificial flavors, lanolin, alcohol, chemical sunscreens, pigments, and other ingredients that can cause allergy Will to produce allergies.
6. No undesirable chemical composition—every raw material used has passed the safety test and toxicity test. No heavy metal substances such as mercury and lead, or other harmful and harmful chemical components.