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What are the uses of indoor aroma spray

Feb 09,2022 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

spray space
The most daily usage is to spray the space three to four times on average so that the whole room is full of aroma and transformed into the feeling you want, and at the same time, it can purify other odors and give you a cleaner and fresher atmosphere. Advanced usage: It can also be used in cabinets and wardrobes. It can be sprayed on carpets, curtains, and other fabrics to make the fragrance last longer!
use after toilet
Sometimes when you go to the toilet, there may be some embarrassing smell. As long as you spray three to four times on the space after flushing, or spray it on the surface of the toilet, you will no longer be afraid of strange smells!
Use after cooking
Do you usually have the smell of food after cooking and eating? In addition to opening windows to ventilate and using an air purifier, you can also use an aroma spray to make the taste of food disappear in no time!
Use with fragrance tablets and diffuser stones
It can also be used to replenish and change fragrances in the fragrance tablets or diffusers that are usually placed at home or in the car. Compared with the use of fragrances, the taste will be more elegant and mild!
For everyone smelling each fragrance, there can be many different feelings and descriptions. Here we briefly introduce you to the approximate positioning of each fragrance of indoor aroma spray:
. Green notes - the aroma is fresh and translucent like a grassy fragrance
Summer night, white bamboo (sweet and fruity with white grape)
. Floral - more aroma of pure flowers
French roses, peony flowers, lavender fields, cherry blossoms, memories, perilla tea (warm with tea fragrance)
. Floral and fruity - the aroma is a more fruity and sweet
clear sky, island, sand, hibiscus, cotton
. Woody tones - the aroma is warmer than woody tones
Walking in the Snow (with cinnamon spice), White Rose (slightly scented with white flowers and roses), Pine (with fruity and sweet scent)

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