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Fragrance essential oils add different colors to your life!

Nov 08,2019 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

What are essential oils?

Aromatherapy essential oils are plant essences extracted from plants with fragrance, which is often referred to as plant hormones. Aromatherapy essential oils are completely volatile and can be completely dissolved in alcohol and oils.

Basic classification

[Pure essential oils] The full name is 100% pure natural plant essential oils, which are divided into single oil (single), compound oil (compound), and base oil (base oil), which are expensive.

[Preparation of essential oils] It is formulated with a large amount of cheap synthetic spices and a small amount of pure essential oils. The price is low.

[Vaporized essential oil] It is formulated with a single oil of 95% isopropanol and 5% pure essential oil at a moderate price.

One of the important functions of fragrance essential oils is the application of indoor fragrances, in which fragrance essential oils play an indispensable role. The use of fragrance essential oils can remove odors, purify the air, and enhance the style of the space. Create a commercial space that makes people feel comfortable and pleasant; we all know that there are different types of essential oils, and different essential oils have different functions: for example, some can calm emotions and reduce stress; some can make people enthusiastic and full Vitality; some help sleep, etc...

The space fragrance and fragrance system can enhance the different feelings and memories of commercial brands in places such as hotels, stores, specialty stores, leisure venues, sales offices, etc., increase the sanitary feeling of the space, and improve the quality and service of the property.