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An American company first released an aromatherapy essential oil at the CIIE. Its raw material origin is in China!

Nov 08,2019 / Company News / Author: ShengKui

On November 8th, in the medical exhibition area of ​​the CIIE, the world's first "Chinese style" essential oil-Liquidambar essential oil.

The Paper News reporter learned from exhibitor Doteri that they are an essential oil manufacturer from the United States. This is the second time to participate in the CIIE, bringing nearly 800 essential oils from more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Open essential oil knowledge classes on the spot, and carry out on-site interaction with visitors.

As early as October this year, this Chinese element Liquidambar scented essential oil has officially come out, but they deliberately chose to hold the world premiere ceremony at the CIIE.

Why is it "Chinese elements"? The relevant person in charge of the exhibitor introduced that the raw material of this essential oil is produced in China. It is extracted from China’s very ancient tree species Liquidambar. This kind of tree grows in mountainous areas in Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and other places in China, such as Buyi, Miao and Yao. Both have the intangible culture of Liquidambar printing and dyeing. In addition to the ornamental value, the "Compendium of Materia Medica" also records: "All carbuncle, sore, hemoptysis, vomiting and hemoptysis, invigorating blood, regenerating muscle, relieving pain and detoxification. Burned teeth will never have dental disease."

Professor Zeng Taoxin, deputy dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Nanjing Forestry University, focuses on researching methods for protecting Liquidambar formosana. After more than ten years of rooting in mountainous areas, he summarized and summarized a set of methods for the sustainable development and utilization of Liquidambar formosana. The company put the technology taught by Professor Zeng into commercial use, and transported the collected liquidambar resin to the United States for refining and deep processing into liquidambar scented essential oil.

The staff also opened an essential oil interactive classroom.

Michael Owen, President of Dotery China, said: “The CIIE has set up a huge stage for overseas small and medium-sized enterprises to enter China. Through the promotion of the CIIE, the first and first-show products are often quickly accepted by Chinese consumers. ."

He said frankly that last year's participation in the CIIE brought him too many surprises. "At the first CIIE, we just signed up with the mentality of giving it a try. There was only a 9 square meter booth, but the booth was always crowded. Visitors kept showing their keen interest in our essential oils. Code pays attention to our WeChat public account, and many visitors are discussing cooperation with relevant staff on the spot. This year we have expanded the booth area by more than 10 times to 108 square meters."

He felt that the CIIE will definitely become Shanghai's new business card for opening up to the outside world and bring many policy dividends. At the same time, the CIIE can also build a huge stage for global commodities, especially those of overseas small and medium-sized enterprises, to enter the Chinese market, which can be said to be multi-party and multiple benefits.

According to exhibitors, the company entered China as early as 5 years ago and registered the company in Jing'an District, Shanghai. Its sales have grown at a rate of more than 60% every year. After the CIIE last year, Dotery (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. was recognized by the Shanghai Municipal Government as the regional headquarters of multinational companies. At the same time, in December last year, the company's first factory in China was officially completed.

In the next step, the company will further tap high-quality local resources in China and strive to bring Chinese plants to the world stage. It will also purchase liquidambar resin raw materials from some remote and poor areas in China, and will actively provide locals with Professor Zeng’s liquidambar extract. Technology and training education.

"We are very optimistic about the huge opportunities in the Chinese market." Doteric China President Mai Owenmai emphasized, "The third CIIE, we will definitely come again."