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Why are air freshener sprays and dried potpourri bouquets popular

Sep 23,2021 / / Author: ShengKui

Air freshener sprays and potpourri dried flower bouquets are used for a variety of reasons. Potpourri dried flowers have many positive benefits for those who are prone to allergies. Air freshener sprays often contain perfume as an ingredient, which has a positive effect on many people who suffer from pollen allergies. They are easy and affordable to use, and do not emit any harmful odors. Many brands of air freshener sprays have antibacterial ingredients to reduce germs in the air and the fact that there is no scent adds to their popularity among consumers.
Air freshener sprays can be made with essential oils and combine them with carrier oils and scents to create different mixtures. Essential oils are extracted from plants and distilled and many manufacturers combine essential oils with carrier oils like grape seed, jojoba and soybean oils to make a wide spectrum of smells. They can be made into sprays with specific scents and combinations of ingredients for the purposes of creating a more appealing fragrance.
The process of extraction of essential oils and carrier oils is a lengthy one, however it is a necessary part of creating fragrances. A wide range of plant extracts and oils are combined to create a wide spectrum of aromas. Many companies use natural air freshener sprays free of chemicals and fragrances, and also with sprays for pets, providing safe and natural alternatives for consumers. With the popularity of non-toxic air freshener products becoming more popular, there is less demand for toxic chemicals. Many consumers prefer fragrance free or chemical free products.