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What are the possible harms of air fresheners to the human body

Jul 27,2021 / / Author: ShengKui

Air fresheners are not unfamiliar to us. In our daily life, odors will inevitably accumulate due to poor ventilation in the room. Therefore, many people hope to use air fresheners to drive away odors and improve air quality. At the same time, it emits a light fragrance in the air, which can refresh the mind and relieve fatigue. So, can air fresheners really clean up the air? Let's get to know it together today.
At present, most of the ingredients of air fresheners popular on the market are composed of diethyl ether and aromatic flavors. These ingredients will decompose and deteriorate after being released into the air. Therefore, the obvious defects are that the ingredients it contains may be harmful to the human body. Coming hurt. Today we will take a look at its flaws.
Defect one:
Some components of the gas produced by the chemical decomposition of air fresheners in the air are air pollutants, which actually aggravate the pollution of the air in the car, and long-term use will cause adverse irritation to the human body.

Defect two:
The fragrances contained in air fresheners can also cause harm to the human nervous system, irritating children's respiratory mucosa and so on.
Defect three:
Another disadvantage of air fresheners is that they do not decompose harmful gases to achieve the purpose of fresh air. Its function is to cover the peculiar smell by emitting fragrance, rather than reacting with the gas in the air that causes the peculiar smell. That is to say, the effect of air freshener does not remove the harmful gas in the air, it just confuses people's sense of smell Come to "dilute" the peculiar smell.
According to the analysis of drug dependence experts, air fresheners are similar to central nervous sedatives. When the sniffers experience certain feelings, they will become mentally dependent. Addicts choose their favorite solvents and obligate to inhale them repeatedly every day, resulting in chronic poisoning. Therefore, after using the air freshener, it is necessary to open the windows frequently to ventilate. Relying on fresh and refreshing natural air to purify the environment is the first choice for fresh air.