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What kinds of dried flowers are there

Mar 03,2022 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Common dried flower varieties on the market are gypsophila, lavender, forget-me-not, lover's grass, daisies, golden balls, eucalyptus, and thousand-day red.
1. Gypsophila
Gypsophila is a relatively common dried flower material. Its natural flower color is relatively fresh, and it will turn light yellow after being made into dried flowers. Another colored gypsophila is usually done by artificial dyeing.
2. Lavender
The flowers of lavender are more bright, and the color will be darker than when it is bright after being made into dried flowers, but it does not affect its ornamental quality but brings people a warm feeling. It is recommended to use the method of drying and air-drying during production, and do not frequently turn the flower branches to prevent the flowers from falling.
3. Forget Me Not
Generally, blue and purple forget-me-nots are more popular. It is recommended to choose the ones with full buds or half blooms. If you choose the fully bloomed forget-me-nots, the petals may fall off due to being squeezed during production.
4. Eucalyptus
When making dried eucalyptus flowers, you can cut some fresh eucalyptus and hang it upside down in a ventilated and dry place to dry for a few days, until the texture of the leaves is relatively brittle, you can take it off and make it. It can also be dried in the microwave on low heat.
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