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What is the main function of aromatherapy

Jan 14,2022 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Scents are the foundational elements of life, they are soft but lively, incorporeal but memorable. When we feel tired and depressed, certain smells can make us relax and feel safe, such as the sun-dried quilt, such as the smell of hometown dishes, such as the fragrance of flowers...
The charm of smell is indescribable, but many of its functions can be really felt. For example, in our home life, it can make the smell in the air feel fresh and clean, and it can also have a faint fragrance, which can make people feel refreshed. Cool, happy mood. At present, aromatherapy is used more and more in life.​​
There are many kinds of aromatherapy, including solid aromatherapy and liquid aromatherapy. According to the method of use, it can be divided into non-fire aromatherapy (aromatherapy with dried rattan flowers and natural volatilization), heating aromatherapy (used in aromatherapy furnace or aromatherapy lamp), and catalytic aromatherapy. Aromatherapy (through an aromatherapy machine). According to different types, the user places of aromatherapy are different, but the scope of use is very wide.
Aromatherapy has a very prominent role in purifying the air. Putting it in the bathroom, wardrobe, or even shoe cabinet can effectively eliminate odors and improve air quality. In particular, fire-free aromatherapy is very suitable for these places, not only without worrying about safety issues but also able to absorb moisture to keep it dry and refreshing. Scented candles are suitable for dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms where the airflow is relatively stable. Add a candlestick and let its fragrance accompany you every ordinary night. Or match it with a simple-looking incense stick, which adds a little more interest. It can dispel your fatigue, promote appetite, calm the nerves and help you sleep.
In addition, aromatherapy has the functions of repelling mosquitoes, killing mites, and being antibacterial. Fragrant aromatherapy is also accompanied by a refreshing function. It can be placed in the children's room or study, which is reassuring and comfortable at all times and can give the family the most nuanced care. care. If you are worried about children knocking over or swallowing, you can buy an aromatherapy machine with a higher safety factor. Generally speaking, the fragrances used in aromatherapy are purely natural and harmless to the body. It is not only harmless but also has many unexpected effects. If you use fragrant wax, it can improve the air quality of the room and remove the smell; if you use an aromatherapy machine, it will have more effects, relieve stress, and maintain health care (depending on different Different health effects of essential oils), purify the air, moisturizing, etc., in the changing seasons, you can also prevent colds and avoid mutual infection through the use of aromatherapy.

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