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What is the difference between fragrance and perfume

Dec 17,2021 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Perfume and fragrance are more and more widely used in daily life. Many people may not know that there are subtle differences between the two, mainly in the type of taste, intensity, duration, and use occasion. Let’s understand it together~ Fragrance includes Eau de Toilette and Perfume. Eau De Toilette is generally lighter in taste, while Perfume is very strong. Generally speaking, perfume is Eau de Toilette.
1. Fragrance has only one flavor, and there are three flavors of fragrance. The fragrance of the same fragrance is roughly the same as the fragrance. Of course, the raw material of the perfume is the finest and the taste is the most special. It is divided into first, middle, and aftertaste. The latter three stages can emit three flavors, while the fragrance has only one flavor.
2. The fragrance of the perfume is stronger than that of the fragrance. The fragrance of the perfume is stronger than that of fragrance. In general, the fragrance of the perfume is the strongest, then eau de toilette, then cologne, and finally fragrance, if you like it more elegant It is recommended to choose a fragrance for the fragrance.
3. Fragrance maintains the fragrance for a shorter period of time. Perfume is also longer than fragrance. Generally speaking, the scent of a fragrance can be maintained for about 4 hours, while perfume, even eau de toilette, can be maintained for 4-6 hours.
4. Perfume is more formal. The fragrance is more commonly used. Fragrances and perfumes are used on different occasions. Generally, perfumes are mostly used on some more formal occasions, while fragrances are often used to deodorize or mask perspiration. They are suitable for sports and General occasions. In fact, whether it is the use of fragrance or perfume, it brings people an intuitive and charming feeling, but there is another difference between fragrance and perfume. The effect of fragrance is better for antiperspirants, but perfume does not stop. Sweat function, compared with the use of fragrance in summer, the effect is relatively better.
People who have used fragrance for a long time know that the smell of fragrance can regulate people's mood and relieve mood. Choose a pleasant fragrance or perfume in summer to bring a pleasant new breath.