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What are the main functions of incense

Mar 14,2022 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Incense is a kind of spice made from the original incense materials and spices through simple processing such as cleaning, drying, and dividing.
Incense was a very popular activity in ancient times, especially in the lives of nobles and literati. Incense is mostly used in bathing, wearing, atomizing release, heating release, normal temperature release, etc. It is a non-invasive, simple, and safe means of relief or intervention mediated by volatile substances synthesized by the secondary metabolism of plants. Aromatherapy is similar to inhalation therapy.
In summary, the main functions of incense are as follows.
Beautify the environment: good spices are used for incense, which can produce a very fresh and elegant aroma, which has a very obvious effect on removing room odor and beautifying the indoor environment.
Refreshing: Agarwood, sandalwood, musk, ambergris, and other high-quality incense products are used for incense and burning. People add a little bit of fun to life.
Zen practice: The beautiful aroma has the function of soothing the mind and opening the body, which can assist practitioners to achieve purification and the right concentration.
Sacrifice for the gods: There are few high-quality incense products specially used for sacrifice. Some incense products made of natural spices to assist cultivation and cultivate emotions can also be used as sacrificial incense. Most of the "special incense for sacrificial sacrificial sacrificial incense" that is more common only has the sacrificial theme marked on the packaging and name. For example, some indicate the gods they worship: Buddha incense, Guanyin incense, God of wealth incense, etc.; some indicate the content of worship: prayer incense, auspicious and safe incense, etc.; some indicate the place of worship: Wutai Mountain, Putuo Mountain, etc. . As for the quality of incense, the good and the bad are mixed.
Health-preserving and disease-relieving: The raw materials of the incense-like products are natural spices and Chinese herbal medicines, which can be subdivided into different types according to different functions. Each kind of incense product has a corresponding specific formula and production process. The health-preserving and healing-repellent fragrances focus on the formula, materials, and production process. As for the appearance, they can be varied and not rigid. For example incense products for preventing plague: mostly incense sticks or coils of fumigation; incense products for improving sleep: incense pillows, sachets filled with special incense, or incense sticks and coils for fumigation.

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