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What are the effects of scented candles with different scents

Apr 08,2022 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

What are the functions of scented candles?
The scented candles with fresh and pleasant fragrances are very popular among young people. They are often used to adjust the taste of life. Many people love to use them. So what are the uses of scented candles?
1. Increase the interest in life
Scented candles can be used to embellish the atmosphere of life and change the atmosphere of the home. The beating flame and diffuse aroma can fully relieve the tension and busyness of life and adjust life.
2. Purify the room air
The scent of scented candles after lighting can purify the air and eliminate odors, especially if someone smokes at home, the scent of scented candles can also decompose the smell of second-hand smoke and improve the surrounding air quality.
3. Improve respiratory function
The fragrance of scented candles can make the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity react with acid, speed up the absorption of effective substances by the body, and also enter the lungs through the respiratory tract, improving the respiratory function of human beings, and maintaining the stability of respiratory function.
4. Stimulate the cerebral cortex
The scent emitted by scented candles when burning can be transmitted to the brain through the central nervous system, which has the effect of relaxing the nerves. Different scents stimulate the brain differently.
In general, scented candles are quite useful. If necessary, you can buy one and keep it at home. There are many scented candles to choose from, and the effects of different scents are also different.
What are the effects of scented candles with different scents?
There are many scented candles, and different scents not only smell very comfortable but also have certain health effects on the body:
1. Rosemary scented candle
Rosemary scented candles are very popular. They have a memory-enhancing, uplifting effect, and can help people think. They are suitable for study or office.
2. Lavender scented candles
Lavender scented candles are very common. They have a calming and soothing effect, which can relax people's nerves, help sleep, and prevent mosquito bites. However, patients with hypotension and pregnant women should avoid using them.
3. Lemon scented candle
Lemon-scented candles can keep people's minds clear, enhance their immunity, and help resist some diseases.
4. Mint scented candle
Peppermint is cool and refreshing, it can treat stomach and digestive discomfort, it can also prevent colds, and it is helpful for respiratory diseases such as bronchitis.
5. Chamomile scented candle
Chamomile scented candles can soothe and balance the body and mind, soothe people's emotions, and are especially suitable for people who are easily irritable and stressed.

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