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How to spray perfume is correct?

May 14,2021 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Coup 1: It is best to use spray for strong perfume
   Oriental and passionate strong perfume, because the spray nozzle spreads into the air, it can be soaked in the fragrance mist to get the fragrance. Please keep the spray distance about one arm long from your body, and then stay in the fragrance mist for about two to three seconds to get the soft fragrance. Even if there are any special conditions, don't jerk behind your ears and the back of your neck. It's easy to mess up when you panic. Not to mention that a strong fragrance will only bring counterproductive effects.Home Fragrance Spray manufacturers
   Coup 2: Move from the wrist to the body, the fragrance is round and comfortable
Put the perfume on your wrist first, then move it to the wrist of the other hand, then move it from the wrist to the back of the ear, and then rub it on all parts, that is to say, rub it on the wrist and warm it, then move it in a planned way. Go to other appropriate parts. The fragrance will not pounce all at once. It is most convenient to use this method to wipe perfume when you are in a hurry to go out. However, please remember not to use friction, but to use transfer printing, which means that the two wrists should not be rubbed against each other. This will destroy the perfume molecules. Average and thin fragrance is the smart way to apply perfume
   Coup 3: A small amount and many places
  The most basic condition of applying perfume is a small amount and many places. In a turbulent crowd, if anyone feels a strong fragrance, it usually comes from one place, and most of it is the upper body, right at the part of the nose. This is the same as the principle of fragrance mist. The average and thin fragrance is the smart way to apply perfume.
   Coup 4: Don’t spray directly, just comb and comb with your fingers
   Some people say that the amazing effect is to put perfume on the hair. But don't spray the nozzle up all at once, the fragrance is too direct and not graceful. The best way is to comb it from the inside with your fingers. Remember from the inside, but a big trick! When you wipe the whole body, it is more than enough to leave the fragrance on your fingers. Or spray it on your hands as far away as possible, and just grab it like a hair oil.
   Coup 5: Use dipping perfume, the inside of the perfume cap must be wiped clean
   If you touch the inside of the perfume cap with your hand, be sure to wipe it off with a clean cloth. Part of the sebum and dust that touch the skin will be contaminated unknowingly. If the bottle is closed like this, the perfume will change itself, which is a great harm to the texture and preservation of the perfume. Expert perfumers will bring their own special cloth. Similarly, it is very important to use clean fingers frequently.
   Coup 6: Wipe with your softest ring finger
   When applying foundation cream around the sensitive eye area, people often say that it is best to use your ring finger to spread it evenly. Because the other fingers are too strong, and the ring finger is the most gentle. The same is true for perfume. You must rely on the ring finger to soften the fragrance and wake up... Just gently press on each place twice, just like the principle of concealer, wiping is the characteristic of wiping perfume.