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How to make a spray with essential oils?

May 01,2021 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

First prepare a spray bottle, it is best to disinfect it with alcohol in advance, then rinse it with water, dry the bottle
thoroughly, then pour 100ML of pure water, and then drip the corresponding essential oil according to your needs. For
example, if you want to moisturize and moisturize, you can choose from rose, orange blossom, geranium, or add them all, a total of about 10 drops is enoughChina Essential Oil Room Spray Factory. If you want to adjust your sensitivity, drop chamomile essential oil, about 10 drops.Most people can use this concentration Shake well before use, it is best to use it up in about ten days, otherwise it will go bad if it takes too long.And don't add the newly blended ones to the original ones, or they will deteriorate faster.Using the essential oils of lavender and tea tree, if you make a self-made spray, the water you make can shrink the pores,which is suitable for caring for the skin with strong oil secretion and blackheads. It also has a certain effect on the skin with acne. It is not necessary to press it. The ratio of a few to a few, if you feel that the skin is more sensitive and fragile, you can appropriately drop less, but not too much. Do not exceed 10D in 100ML and it is basically OK.