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How to burn scented candles?

Mar 05,2021 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Friends who have used scented candles must have been confused. It is a candle that is so thick that it is often not burned on the side and cannot be burned to the effect of a flat pond. Actually, your burning time is too short. Most candles are filled with glass, it is best not to burn for more than 3 hours, because the heat resistance of glass is not so good. It’s best to light the candle for more than 20 minutes. Don’t just burn it for 5-10 minutes. If the burning is not enough, the wax oil on the side of the cup cannot be melted. It will become the candle that burns down in the middle, but the side of the cup does not burn to the end, and the candle life Will become shorter.
How to use scented candles
1. Use a long match to light the wick
Do you also like to use a lighter to light scented candles? It's too inelegant! Use long matches to light scented candles to avoid burns, especially when the candle burns to a certain degree. In addition, when the candle burns, heat is emitted from the wick, and it usually takes a certain time for the candle to reach the ignition point.
2. Use a wax killer
Is everyone accustomed to blowing out candles by mouth? This method is the most undesirable. Not only will it produce dense smoke, the liquid wax oil in the candle cup is also very likely to splash out. The correct way is to use a professional wax killer (JUVENELLE will be available soon).
3. Use candle scissors to trim the heart of the candle
Candle smoke is produced when the candle is lit. This is mostly due to the long wick. Too long a candle core will cause the candle to not burn completely, produce black smoke, and also affect the fragrance emission. Therefore, before lighting the candle, you can trim the wick with candle scissors so that the wick is always kept at a distance of 5mm above the wax surface.
How to prevent the candle's memory circle
The memory circle refers to a small tunnel around the candle wick formed by uneven burning of candles, especially scented candles in glass and other containers. In many cases, once the memory circle of the candle is formed, it will burn deeper and deeper along the small tunnel until the candle wick is burned out, and nearly half of the wax is left alone.
The first burning of a new candle.
The recommendation of professional candle manufacturers is to burn for at least 1 hour every 2.5 cm according to the diameter of the candle, so that the top layer of the wax, including the edges, can be fully melted. The liquefied state of the entire layer will avoid the formation of memory circles. If the memory circle has been formed by burning for the first time, it is recommended that you use a tool to remove part of the wax that is higher than the circle, fill it in the low-lying area, try to form a horizontal plane, and then use it according to the method mentioned above.