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How do flowers become dried flowers

Dec 10,2021 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

The life cycle of fresh flowers is about one week. If they are made into dried flowers, they can be stored for a long time. There are several ways to make dried flowers:
Method one, natural air drying, is the simplest and most commonly used method.
1. First select the complete flowers, remove the extra branches and leaves, divide the flowers into small bunches or single branches, and spread them out evenly to avoid dense and moldy or incomplete drying;
2. Tie the bottom end with a thread, separate the flower head, and hang it upside down in a dry, warm, ventilated place without direct sunlight;
3. Tie the rope every few days, because as the water disperses, the stems will become thinner, do not touch the petals at will, it will be done in a few weeks.
Method two, microwave baking, is the fastest method, but only suitable for flat plants, such as daisies, marigolds, small roses, gypsophila, etc.
1. Spread the flowers flat on the paper, and separate the flowers one by one;
2. Fold the paper in half and press the plant inside;
3. Put it in the microwave oven and ding for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Method three, embossing
1. Choose a relatively small, flat flower, put the flower on dry paper, such as cardboard, newspaper, etc., put it in the shape you like, and then put another piece of paper to hold it down;
2. Press a large and heavy object on it, such as a heavy dictionary, wood, etc., wait for about 1 week, change the embossed bottom plate, and then press it down;
3. Wait another 1-2 weeks, remove the heavy objects, and the embossing is complete.