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Can scented candles be used repeatedly?

May 21,2021 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Yes 1. Prerequisite: The house through the wind. It's not that you need to keep ventilating while lighting the scented candlesscented candle Suppliers. It is necessary to ensure that the air in the house cannot be dirty before lighting, and to ensure that the indoor air has just been ventilated before lighting the candle. Otherwise, imagine if a room full of cigarette smells, after lighting the scented candles, the scent of fragrance and the smell of cigarettes are mixed, what kind of taste it would be like
2. Then: Keep the airflow in the house stable. Since it is a candle, it is necessary to light it. Aromatherapy candles are easily shaken or flicker due to air flow, so choose a place where there is no violent air flow. In this way, the combustion can be more stable.
3. When lighting: meet the above two conditions, about 10 minutes after lighting, there will be a faint aroma slowly floating. Because the scented candle made of pure natural soy wax is low temperature and smokeless when burned, no smoke will be seen. There is no need to trim the wick when burning, and there will be no impurities. Extremely convenient. Generally speaking, the burning time is about twenty to forty minutes, and the room will be full of aromatic and fresh smell, but it is best not to burn for more than two hours, otherwise the fragrance is too full and it may be counterproductive.