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How to make potpourri bags at home

Oct 08,2021 / / Author: ShengKui

Potpourri is one of the most versatile ways to decorate your home. It can be used in any room and on nearly any type of surface. Potpourri is made from dried flower heads or leaves and can be created from virtually any plant. It can even be made from vegetable material such as vegetable stems. Most people will not know how to make potpourri at home, but if you are interested in creating your own potpourri then this article will show you how.
One of the best ways to create your own potpourri is with a dry flower bag. A dry flower bag is simply a paper bag that has been sprayed with dried flower petals and scented oil. To create your own potpourri you simply take your dried flower bag, which normally measures about 3" wide by 5" long, and tie a ribbon or string around the top of it. Once you have your bag in place you will want to take a large sized spray bottle and fill the bottle with either mineral oil or a scent oil. Spray the bag lightly all over the surface of the bag leaving about a quarter inch to an inch of water in the bag. Now all you have to do is shake the bag until the oil/odor comes out of the bag and you are ready to use it.
Another way to create your own potpourri is to take your favorite piece of clothing, skirt or dress for example, and roll up the material to form a bowl. Next, cut holes into the bottom of the bowl such that you can put a scented oil dropper or other type of potpourri scent in the hole. Add your plants, shredded papers, and any other things that you desire. If you desire you can even add a tester or two first to ensure the scent is present before you add the rest. Shake the mixture to distribute the scent evenly through the bag.
Potpourri dried flower bags are very easy to make. All you need are fresh flowers, shredded paper, and dried herbs, oils, or other items. Just shake the dried mixture and distribute it through the bag and its contents. This is not only a beautiful but functional way to spruce up plain looking sofas, couches, tables, or wherever else you desire.
The wonderful scent of potpourri is one of the scents that is most often missed after it has been dried and made into a potpourri mixture. There are times when you just do not want to give a certain room or part of your house another scent. It could be that you do not like the scent of the plant very much, or you simply do not want the combination of dried flowers and potpourri to overpower the existing scent in the area. However, there are ways to eliminate the smell from the potpourri dried flowers without completely eliminating the original scent. A good technique for removing the scent is to simply wipe away any excess moisture that may have gathered on the dried flowers in the potpourri bag, or if necessary use a clean damp cloth to remove the excess water.