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Essential oils are one of the best natural ways to freshen up your environment

Sep 15,2021 / / Author: ShengKui

Mmmm, are you feeling as refreshed and energized as you have been in the last few days? Maybe you just need a rejuvenating blast to help you catch your breath and jump start your day. This article will teach you how to create homemade air freshener spray right in your own home! It's fast and simple! And, it's so easy you'll wonder why you never bought one before now.
First, let's get started on how easy it is to create a room spray. There are several methods including using baking soda, citrus essential oil and glycerin. Using baking soda is really simple; all you need to do is mix the powder with water in a container and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or scent. Then shake the mixture to mix the powder. Shake the mixture until you get a foamy consistency. Next, you can store the foamy room spray in an airtight container in your refrigerator.
Baking soda absorbs odors very well. Simply mix in your essential oil blend of choice and add to your baking soda and shake again. If you like, you can also add sea salt to the mixture to further absorb and refresh the air. Sprinkle some sea salt around your windows, doors and on tables to refresh your home smell.
Alternatively, you can purchase a spray bottle for your bathroom. Just purchase plain white plain colored air freshener spray bottles and spray them on your bed linens, furniture, drapes, windowsills etc. You can also add some eucalyptus essential oil to give a great fragrance to your bathroom. Spray the bottles before you go to bed. Some people even prefer to spray the bottles near their bathroom sink. This helps in getting rid of odors.
Lastly, you can fill glass bottles with eucalyptus essential oil room spray and place them at your windowsill or anywhere else you wish to refresh the air in the room. The great thing about spritz bottles is that they can be filled with your favorite essential oil blends such as rosewood, lavender, sandalwood etc. Keep in mind that not all essential oil room sprays contain the same fragrance. So before you fill any bottles with a fragrance, make sure you know exactly what fragrance is included in the bottle.
Essential oils are one of the best natural ways to freshen up your environment without the use of harsh chemicals. With the use of air freshener sprays, you can add fragrance to your surroundings and get rid of scents that are causing harm to you and your family. Most essential oils are non-toxic. So if you are concerned about harmful chemicals, then this is a good solution for you. Also make sure that you do not overfill the spray bottles as you do not want any harsh chemicals to be sprayed all over your house.